Travel Medicine

Offering a personalized plan of prevention based on medical history, physical condition, travel itinerary and exposure risks. Our purpose is to maintain your good health while you travel. We provide the best counseling possible according to your health status and the type of travel you are planning. When you make your travel plans, please call us at 973-313-1113.

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Our Program Offers

  • A country-by-country analysis of your itinerary and expected activities. Using a state-of-the-art computer program, information on current health concerns for your travel itinerary will be considered in developing your plan.
  • A review of your current immunization status. We will recommend and administer both routine vaccinations and those vaccinations specific to your travel plan.
  • Counseling and prescriptions for medications to help prevent or treat illnesses while traveling.
  • Suggestions for modifying your daily behavior to prevent the possibility of travel-related illness or injury.
  • Your personalized written travel health plan folder. The folder will include practical tips for the prevention of ailments such as diarrhea, rabies and tropical diseases. Recommendations for a travel first-aid kit and answers to your specific questions will be included.


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Before you leave the country, please call us at 973-313-1113. You will be asked to provide information about your travel itinerary, a brief overview of your medical history and your current physical condition.

You will then make an appointment to meet with our physician. During the appointment, the physician will review your health history and travel information. Please bring records of all previous routine and travel vaccinations.

You will receive recommendations for the best methods to maintain your good health while you travel. Maintaining good health during travel may include additional vaccinations.

Please contact us as soon as travel plans are made as it may take several weeks to complete a vaccine series.