Weight Loss

Many people struggle with weight during their lifetime. Overweight and obesity are epidemic in the United States.  For some, it has been a lifelong struggle beginning in childhood. For others, it is a struggle that begins later in life due to various medical issues, life habits, or change in hormone levels over time. Obesity is a risk factor for various conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, and even certain type of cancers.  The best ways to manage weight loss need to be individualized for each person. Often, it requires a multi-step approach to tackle underlying issues and begin to change lifestyle habits.


The first step in your evaluation will be a medical consultation to get a full medical history. An updated physical exam and appropriate lab work (blood tests) are part of this important step in the process.

Lifestyle Changes

During follow-up visits, we will review diet and exercise habits.  Discuss options for optimizing your outcome and review progress



For many individuals, various treatments have been tried over the years.  In that case, some will require a period of prescription medications.  At Goldson Medical Associates, LLC we encourage the use of FDA-approved medications for this purpose.  These medications have been well researched and have known risks and benefits.  The treatment choice is tailored to the individual.  Insurance coverage and cost may vary depending on insurance plans.


Surgical options for weight loss have improved and expanded over the years.  We are able to discuss treatment options and refer to bariatric surgery.  The best surgical option  for an individual is determined by the performing surgeon.